POMP  Music For Change
Songwriter Series: Learn.   Serve.   Sing

We Learn
    •    How to create powerful songs
    •    How to create our lives as artists from professional artists
    •    How to take care of ourselves with healthy nutrition and lifestyle
    •    How to strengthen our voice and instrument skills
    •    How to copyright/publish our music
    •    How to navigate the “music industry” from professional

         musicians and producers

We Serve
    •    By doing community service hours equal to hours spent in workshop
    •    By writing songs inspired by community service

We Sing
   •     Celebration Concert


Thanks to our program partners

Contact us:
PO Box 4413 Louisville, Ky 40204

About the Power of Music Project-

Music is powerful.  It affects our mood and reflects our feelings.  The Power of Music Project (POMP!) is a 6 month workshop where the next generation of musicians create songs inspired by service.    Read more.